Vacation Time

Our vacation is half over. Although we haven't gone on any day trips, we have gotten a TON of things done around the house. In nor particular order:
  • Went to the dog park every day, except yesterday, because it was raining
  • Hired a guy to sand and refinish the office floor
  • Dr. and vet appointments
  • Bought new jeans! My old ones had acquired a hole in the butt
  • Went to the Neighborhood Pride award ceremony where our house won third place! Plus we met the mayor.
  • Cleaned a lot and cooked homemade lunch (stuffed peppers,  mmm)
Tonight we're going bowling with Britt's brother and his wife. Tomorrow night is the Milquetoaste show at the Plough & Stars. Sunday is the Pats-Broncos game, and I'm babysitting my niece and nephew while Alex goes to scare people at Witches' Woods.
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Britt and I are taking this week off from work. Plus, we both get Columbus Day off, so no work until next Tuesday! We aren't going anywhere and mostly need some relaxation time. We might do a few day trips, like a trip to Concord. I'm also going to the Pats game tomorrow, so look for me on TV!

Jack is still a beast but he's getting better daily. We'll start a beginner training class on November 1st. He doesn't let us sleep very late so I'd like to work some afternoon naps into my vacation schedule.
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It's raining out but I've got coffee and bacon. That seems like a nice trade. I've been feeling pretty lonely since we put Ben to sleep. There's just a big hole in the place he used to occupy in my life. Those of you that have met our dogs probably connected more with Tillie; Ben was not outgoing and only cared about me and Britt (although he did warm up to people after he got to know them). Inside his gruff exterior was a big teddy bear. He used to love getting hugs, and he used to come over and shove his head in my armpit or my stomach for comfort. What a snuggly guy <3

We're meeting a black Lab named "Duke" today. Britt is really interested in him; I wasn't sure about getting a Lab, but we'll see when we meet him. If he and Tillie get along then I imagine we'll be adopting him. Tillie needs a buddy badly. We were thinking of taking the troop to my corporate picnic today but the weather is so lousy, that just doesn't seem fun. Video games and homework are probably on the agenda instead.

Anyone feel like scorpion bowls at Darq Salem tonight? We can pre-game at my house.
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I have been feeling very emotional lately. Not always sad, but feeling very fraught.

I went to bed last night with a plugged-up nose due to allergies and woke up in the morning with a sore throat. I don't really need to get sick right now but I haven't ever noticed that that makes a difference.

Camping trip looks canceled--I have camped in torrential rains before but I don't think Tillie would like it very much. At least Sunday looks better weather-wise. I could use some lake-side relaxing.
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Photo Contest

This week's theme is "disappointment". I was thinking of submitting the photo under the cut, but Britt didn't think it fit. Any thoughts?

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Robot Balls

Transformers 2 was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I'm going to break out all the cliches here and say that not only do I feel dumber for having watched it, but I want my 2 1/2 hours back.

Complaints in bulleted form!
  • Seriously, robot testicles. Along with numerous other testicle jokes.
  • The camera's loving caress of every nubile, sweat-glistening inch of Megan Fox's skin. Enough already!
  • There were several "oops" moments, including a scene with a 24-style time stamp of 22:31, shot in full daylight. Also a bandage miraculously appearing on Shia LeBuuuuuuuff's hand after getting dropped in the middle of the desert with no gear.
  • Gag-inducing tender moments between the main character and either his Dad or hottie girlfriend.
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2 Left

I got an A in my summer class: Coastal Environments of Massachusetts. I have 2 classes left until I get my bachelor's degree, and the rest of the summer off.
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